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Engaged followers who like, share, and comment on your photos are essential if you want to make money on Instagram, even with just 1,000 followers.

Even if you only have 1,000 followers and they are actively engaging with your posts, you can still make money, especially if your fan base is engaged.

Brands are interested in investing in you because of the lucrative actions you can encourage through your account, no matter how small your fan base may be.

Let’s look at ways you can make money on Instagram without much following:

Sell Things

It’s time to capitalize on your skills if you’re a designer, photographer, or other creative since Instagram is all about the images and reels.

You can sell your own content, such as paintings and illustrations, or you can sell your images to other companies, which is highly widespread in the tourism sector.

Also, consider Instagram as a “storefront window” for your project if you already have a photojournalism website or online portfolio. This will help you attract additional clients.

Even if you don’t have a company to advertise, you probably regularly sell your used clothing and accessories on platforms like Poshmark. Your buyer pool may grow thanks to Instagram.

Put your clothes and other items on display and take appealing photos of them, and be sure to give as much information in the caption as possible. Each item’s age, brand, and sizes are all important considerations.

Provide a link to that item in your Instagram profile if you’re trying to sell a specific item. If not, simply link to your seller profile on Poshmark or another marketplace.

Join an Affiliate Program

In contrast to influencers, affiliates put more effort into driving sales for their partner brands in exchange for commissions.

To verify that clicks actually result in sales, this is frequently done through a trackable link or special promotional code.

Promo codes are a better alternative for Instagram because you can really use them in your posts, unlike affiliate links, which are limited to just one product at a time due to Instagram’s lack of link-allowing functionality outside of your bio.

Links for Instagram Stories will soon be available, which will equip you as an influencer with new options similar to making money on YouTube.

Consider contacting one of the numerous online retailers who offer affiliate programs in which you might participate. You could also look into well-known markets like:

  • Amazon Affiliate: The popular 10% commission-paying option is the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • ClickBank: ClickBank is a tier-based commission affiliate program available to everyone.
  • RewardStyle: RewardStyle is an exclusive network of fashion and lifestyle influencers that pays 20% commissions.

Affiliate marketing is both a science and an art, despite the fact that it may seem like a numbers game. You’ll have a better chance of success if you have a plan before you start and increase your online presence by adding a website and other promotional strategies.


Inventory is one aspect of beginning a business that frequently presents logistical and financial challenges. But thanks to the dropshipping business concept, you can operate a store without ever having any inventory.

Starting a dropshipping business allows you to select from a huge variety of products from suppliers, including T-shirts, novels, mugs, and pillows.

You may establish your own prices to optimize revenues and be freed from the hassles of fulfillment and delivery.

Create a separate Instagram page for your dropshipping business when you’re ready to market it to improve sales, exhibit your products, and market your website.

Grow Your Following

Instagram has intense competition as more and more businesses join the platform. Expanding your audience is something that is totally worthwhile. That’s because there are more options to monetize the platform with a larger following.

Here are some tips you should employ to grow your following organically:

  • Enhance your Instagram profile: Do you think your profile “looks the part”? Start by looking at your Instagram bio, which should include your brand’s slogan, catchphrase, or hashtag, as well as your profile image and bio link. These specifics define your brand’s identity on Instagram. They affect the visibility of your account, which is more crucial.
  • Post consistently: Don’t let your Instagram account accumulate cobwebs; instead, give it some momentum by posting regularly. You won’t likely gain followers on Instagram if you upload at irregular intervals. Generating content and offering value is what grows your following; doing it frequently allows you to maintain them.
  • Schedule and publish on Instagram: Content scheduling before improves organization and control. The pattern we previously discussed can be reached with the aid of Instagram scheduling tools. Cross-posting content from other networks is helpful in this regard as well.
  • Interact with consumers, brand ambassadors, and influencers: Engaging your audience is key to learning how to increase your Instagram following. One of the greatest ways to accomplish it is by commenting on and reposting other people’s posts. Another strategy for expanding your own audience is to collaborate with influencers who already have a large following. Content producers could expose your brand to your target market and foster continued interest in your services.
  • Engage your audience in meaningful conversation: Instagram is fantastic for interacting with followers back and forth. Asking questions and starting a discussion is central to many of the most well-liked post topics.