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How To Make Money On Social Media

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There are 2 main paths to monetization on Instagram. You can use the in-platform creator monetization feature or sponsored content not from Instagram. There are general and specific requirements for using either option.

1. Meet Instagram’s Monetization Requirements

Each built-in monetization feature on Instagram has different requirements and criteria. You’ll have to check to see which you are qualified to use.

For most creators, here are what you need;

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You need to have an Instagram Creator or Business account.
  • You must be in locations where the features are available (US, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, and more)
  • Depending on the monetization feature, you’ll need between 1000 to 10,000 followers,
  • You need an account to receive your payments. Instagram uses PayPal.
  • You must adhere to all Content and Community guidelines.
  • You must adhere to the partner monetization guidelines and have no standing violations.

To read more about Instagram monetization requirements, visit Instagram Help Centre.

Don’t worry if you don’t have 10,000 followers yet. There are other ways to monetize your influence besides the built-in features. The only thing you need is Influence.

2. Influence Over Your Followers

Your Audience is your most valuable asset on Instagram. The influence you have over them is what you are monetizing.

You need active followers ready to engage with your content to build influence, not some bots-filled follower counts. I suggest growing your influence organically before you think of monetizing it.

If your follower count is still small, you can begin your influencer journey by checking out this guide on how to get more followers on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Monetize Instagram Reels?

Instagram introduced the Reel Play Bonus for creators to earn money directly from their reel content. Many creators can make around $200 from Reels per month, but most creators think It’s not worth it.

Instead, they use other means to monetize their Instagram reels. Some ways include selling digital products, offering services, coaching programs, online courses, etc.

How Many Views Do You Need to Monetize Instagram?

Instagram monetization features like Badges and IG live tipping requires at least 10,000 followers. The bonus for reels requires at least 1000 views.

For some, it doesn’t matter whether you have 500 or 1000 followers. Brands will pay you to promote their product or services if they see you have the right audience.