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Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

Is affiliate marketing legit? The quick answer is yes, it is.

You should know that affiliate marketing isn’t a pyramid scheme. Large brands generate 25% of their online sales because of affiliate marketing. Research also found that there are 11,400 affiliate programs in the United States alone.

If you’re not convinced, here are more reasons why affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model.

  • There Are Well-Known Affiliate Agencies: Shopify, Rakuten, Amazon Associates, and eBay are popular affiliate marketing agencies. You can work with well-known brands in your niche.
  • It Has a Large Community: You can learn about affiliate marketing from legit websites. There are even official Facebook groups dedicated to helping marketers succeed in the industry.
  • It’s Regulated by the Government: According to Forbes, new regulatory laws are coming out this 2023. This’ll lessen the number of fraudsters in affiliate marketing.
  • It’s an Effective Marketing Strategy: Zippia says that 81% of brands around the world are now using affiliate marketing. Moreover, 38% of marketers say they make the most out of affiliate marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing Reliable?

Yes, comparing affiliate marketing vs. dropshipping, the former is more reliable. You don’t have to handle stocks or disgruntled customers as an affiliate.

There’s a chance you’ll encounter an affiliate partner selling fake products. To lessen the risk, you should come up with criteria on who you’ll collaborate with.

If you work for credible companies, affiliate marketing can become a reliable way to earn a decent amount of money. It’s best to have several partners, so you can have a steadier income.

You may want to consider becoming an Amazon Associate. With 20% of the market share, Amazon affiliate marketing has the largest network today.

Is Affiliate Marketing Safe?

Affiliate marketing is safe, but you should also understand the risks. Doing this can protect you from fraudsters.

The internet is full of scammers looking for a quick buck.

Beware of risks like cookie stuffing, fake affiliate link schemes, click fraud, and false advertising. The free trial that merchants offer isn’t always safe.

As a marketer, you should follow the regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission. If you do unethical business, you could get fined or become subject to legal action.

There is some good news. According to Forbes, if done correctly, affiliate marketing is a safe, profitable, and long-term way to earn money.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best legit online jobs. These are the good points about affiliate marketing according to top websites.

What LinkedIn Liked About Affiliate Marketing

These are some reasons why you should try affiliate marketing according to LinkedIn.

  • It’s Low Cost: Because it’s a form of digital marketing, you don’t need a huge capital to make money online. Your investments will go towards building your site, and you don’t have to pay a merchant to become an affiliate.
  • There’s No Need for Formal Education: Anyone can become an affiliate marketer. Even without a degree, you can search for free resources and tutorials online.
  • It’s Hassle-Free: All you have to do is post your affiliate link. You don’t keep stocks, handle clients, or ship products out. The merchant will do those activities.
  • You Can Run It From Anywhere: It’s possible to work from home as an affiliate marketer. You also have the freedom to choose your niche and sell products you like.
  • It Has High Earning Potential: With high ticket affiliate marketing, you can earn more commission even if you can’t sell a lot of items.

What Business.com Liked About Affiliate Marketing

Here are a few advantages to online affiliate marketing according to Business.com.

  • You Can Track Your Progress: For businesses, you can track how many people click links and visit your site. You get real-time data and use it to gain more revenue.
  • There’s Zero Cost on Marketing: Affiliate marketing is like having free advertisement. Business owners only need to pay after a marketer makes the sale.
  • It Increases Your Social Proof: Affiliates post their reviews and testimonials of your product on social media. This way of endorsement increases your social proof and gets you more sales.
  • Affiliate Marketing Has High ROI: You can get a return on whatever you pay your affiliates. That’s because affiliate marketing boosts the number of orders you get. It expands your reach to niche groups, and you can earn passive income.