Has anybody recovered from the Helpful Content update?

  • Has anybody recovered from the Helpful Content update?

    Posted by Brett on March 31, 2024 at 8:40 pm

    A few of my niche sites have gotten hit by the Helpful Content Update. As a result, I’ve spent MONTHS working to correct what I think the issues are with the sites.

    If it seems like it might have caused the hit, I’ve probably fixed it. I’m not talking rewriting a few pages on the site.

    No, I’m talking months of work, hundreds of rewrites, a complete overhaul of the site design, completely re-configured plugin stack, and more.

    What’s really getting to me is that despite all that work, I have yet to see of a single ounce of recovery. Which is starting to lead me to believe that either Google hasn’t released the part of the update that actually allows a recovery, or a recovery isn’t even possible.

    Has anybody here actually seen a recovery? Or do you have any examples of sites that have seen a recovery?

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